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Chief Academic Officer: Dr. Colleen Meyer


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Doctor of Education

The Doctor of Education degree is designed for qualified students who, from positions in school administrations, University faculty, curricula developers, educational materials specialists, can meet the needs of individuals preparing for careers of leadership and applied research in schools and community educational programs, through studies in theory, concepts, methods, and/or practices in

Master of Arts in Education

The Master of Arts in Education degree is designed to strengthen the capability of professional educators, and to provide a study of foundation, curriculum and instruction, administration leadership, and the results of research. The program combines theory with practice throughout using field experience with the course work culminating in a project.

Doctor of Business Administration

 The doctor of business administration degree is designed for qualified students who, from positions in business, or industry, can advance the state-of-the-art of business practice and enhance the contributions to the larger community, through studies in theory, concepts, methods and/or in business administration.

Master of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration degree is designed for qualified students who are preparing for careers as professional managers and who desire an integrated program with limited concentration in one of the functional areas of business. Thus, the courses in the program concentrate on presentation of techniques which provide skills in analysis, decision-making, and effective assessment in all areas that a business manager deals with daily.

Bachelor of Business Administration

Business administration is the study of basic knowledge and specialized skill to understand business processes and prepare to make valid business decisions.

Master of Arts in Computer Information Systems

The Master of Arts in Computer Information Systems is designed for qualified students who are preparing for careers in information systems, and who desire to advance study in  the management disciplines with a solid and extensive study of the design and development of information systems from both an administrative and a technical perspective

Application and Admissions

New students are accepted to the University prior to the beginning of a semester to begin classes at the next scheduled fifteen-week semester (please refer to the Academic Calendar in this catalog for semester start dates).

Academic Recognition

California University of Business and Technology (CUBT) is granted institutional approval by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education, State of California. All of the degree programs offered by CUBT have been reviewed, evaluated and approved pursuant to The Private Postsecondary and Education Act of 2009. The Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education serves as the State Agency responsible for approval and regulation of all.

Our Services 

Prospective applicants should contact the Office of Student Services for detailed procedures and information and documents required for admission and the I-20 form. The Admission Committee will perform a vigorous evaluation to determine whether the applicant has an adequate command of the English language in order to ensure and increase the applicant’s potential for successful completion of an academic program with the University.

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Our Chief Academic Officer

At CUBT, I have always enjoyed teaching students and sharing my experience with them. My goal is to help them with their careers during and after they graduate from the program.

Dr. Colleen Meyer



What Students are Saying

“The professors at CUBT gave me support, insight and guidance during my academic journey and during my dissertation process.”

~ Weiling F.

“I felt completely supported throughout my master’s thesis. My advisor was supportive, patient, and motivated and she broadened my perspective on all aspects of the thesis process.”

~ Jutarat P.

“The professors at CUBT were dedicated and gave me support, guidance, and encouragement throughout my research project.”

~ Maxit K.





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