Application for Admission

New students are accepted to the University prior to the beginning of a semester to begin classes at the next scheduled fifteen-week semester (please refer to the Academic Calendar in this catalog for semester start dates). All accepted students are encouraged to consult with an academic advisor to arrange the best possible course schedule well in advance of the semester start date. With approval from the Academic Dean, students may be allowed to start courses after the semester begins, to begin within the first two weeks of the semester start. No students are allowed to start a course on week 3 or after a semester start.


Application for Admission

Students must enroll before the start of the semester. Applications are accepted anytime. Call (626) 333-8878 for enrollment date.

 Items Needed to Process Application For Admission:

The Application for Admission (Click Here to Download the Application Form - Signed and Dated

Application Fee ($75)

Copy of transcripts from prior schools

Please print out and complete the application form and then send it with items 2 and 3 of above to the following address:

California University of Business and Technology
Office of Admissions
P.O. Box 5116, Hacienda Heights, CA 91745

special note for

International Students

Prospective applicants should contact the Office of Student Services for detailed procedures and information and documents required for admission and form I-20. The Admission Committee will perform vigorous evaluation to determine whether the applicant has an adequate command of the English language in order to assure and increase the applicant’s potential for successful completion of an academic program with the University. The applicant must also demonstrate the applicant’s financial condition for the completion of the academic program with our University.

Academic Programs

School of Management Studies

The School of Education has five major objectives consistent with the missions and purposes of the University. They are:

  • To provide opportunities for the intellectual, professional and moral development of students in education.
  • To help students to obtain the skills, knowledge, and understanding to advance their careers.
  • To provide programs for emerging societal needs, and enable students to function effectively in a dynamic technological society;
  • To encourage basic and applied research in education (and human services)
  • To develop students’ research skills to enable them to explore various issues facing contemporary society.

Students who wish to withdraw should send a writing notice to the Office of the Registrar, California University of Business and Technology, P.O. Box 5116, Hacienda Hts., CA 91745. Any refund due under the terms of the policy will be paid within 30 days of written cancellation or withdraw.

School of Education

In keeping with the University’s mission for excellence in education, the prime objective of the School of Management Studies is the quality preparation of students to become leaders, valuable resources, and contributing members of community, and society in general, through the contributions of their leadership, managerial, and analytical abilities in business, government, non-profit institutions, and engineering technology.

In search of excellence in a rapidly changing and technologically complex business world, the programs of the School of Management Studies are aimed at assisting students in the enhancement of the following timeless abilities: communication; and synthesis; Knowledge integration; and research. In this way, students are prepared to lead and manage in the 21st century. The Bachelor of Business Administration resides in the School of Management Studies.

School of Technology

Consistent with the University’s mission, the primary objective of the School of Technology is to prepare students for a place in the expanding field of technology, and to inform students about technology effects on the structure and dynamics of business and technology. The Master of Arts in Computer Information Systems resides in the School of Technology.

“The faculty and staff at CUBT are great! CUBT cares about student concerns and experiences. They offer all the educational tools needed in order for their students to succeed in their educational journey. The tuition is also very affordable.”

Sarah, Doctoral in Business graduate, 2019


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“The professors at CUBT widened my knowledge in the field of business administration. My thesis professor gave me persistent encouragement, valuable insight, and was a great help over the course work and research process.” Christian S.

Christian S.

“My thesis advisor continuously supported me through patience, motivation, enthusiasm, and immense knowledge. Also, all the professors at CUBT gave me knowledge that will benefit me in my future e-business and e-marketing.” 

Poomipong T.





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